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Planted Aquarium Hardscape Essentials: Part 1 – Sand & Gravel

This article is the first in our new series where we will look at the elements of hardscaping in a planted tank in greater detail. In part 1 we will look at types of aquarium sand and gravel commonly used today, techniques and tools used, and finally how the visual relationship works between sand and gravel, driftwood and rocks.

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Aquarium Plant Fertilizers Used in Aquascaping

Planted tanks need carbon dioxide, good light and nutrients for healthy plant growth. Supplementing the water with a good aquarium plant fertilizers will provide all of nutrients and trace elements that plants need.
Signs that your aquatic plants are deficient in essential nutrients are yellowing or brown leaves. The plants can also take on a glassy or transparent texture. Making sure that plants have the right amount of aquarium plant fertilizers means that they don’t have to work too hard to find it, and they can grow beautifully.

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