Aquarium Plant Fertilizers Used in Aquascaping


Planted tanks need carbon dioxide, good light and nutrients for healthy plant growth. Supplementing the water with a good aquarium plant fertilizers will provide all of nutrients and trace elements that plants need.
Signs that your aquatic plants are deficient in essential nutrients are yellowing or brown leaves. The plants can also take on a glassy or transparent texture. Making sure that plants have the right amount of aquarium plant fertilizers means that they don’t have to work too hard to find it, and they can grow beautifully.

Liquid Aquarium Plant Fertilizers

Liquid fertilizers can be added straight to the water to boost the nutrient levels of your aquarium. Most contain iron which is a vital element needed for healthy plant growth.

Most manufacturers ensure that liquid aquarium plant fertilizers are free from nitrates and phosphates to avoid boosting algae growth.

A weekly dose should be enough to ensure that your plants are luscious and beautiful. There are many different types, but a good complete liquid fertilizer that contains iron, potassium and all of the trace elements needed will suffice. The key trace elements include manganese, molybdenum, boron, zinc and cobalt.

Aquascaping Aqua Soil

A rich base layer of soil provides nutrients straight where they are needed, at the root. A clay base retains nutrients from the water and slowly releases them into the water. This is the most natural way to support healthy growth with the least fuss.

Some soils are so rich they can last for years before they need to be replaced. Often they are farmed from very rich regions such as volcanic areas. The nutrient levels are incredibly high, and the porous quality of the soil will constantly breathe more life into your plants.

Aquarium Plant Fertilizers – Tablets

Tablets packed with nutrients are ideal for a finished aquascape. They are simply pressed into the substrate or soil to quickly and easily send goodness straight to the roots. Again these are nitrate and phosphate free, so they will not boost algae growth. They generally last around a month, so are a great long term boost.

Because the essential minerals and elements are delivered directly to the roots, it starts to work quickly – overcoming iron and potassium deficiencies. However in densely planted aquariums, tablets may not be enough to support healthy growth.

The best fertilizer depends on the number of plants that you have. Fast growing, delicate plants quickly use nutrients from the water and substrate, so need a higher level than more hardy species.

If you have fish remove uneaten food after a few minutes as this can promote algae growth which depletes nutrients from the water. Whilst plants do require a low level of nitrates and phosphates, even a slightly raised level can boost algae formation.

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