Learn Aquascaping

New to Aquascaping? Start here. You’ll learn about what makes a good aquascape aquarium and the different natural elements used to create an underwater scene.

Aquascaping Styles: Nature Aquarium, Iwagumi, Dutch Aquarium

The art of aquascaping opens up a world full of creative and artistic arrangements of plants and hardscape (rocks and driftwood) within a tank. There are endless possibilities regarding how one can design a planted aquarium, the only limit being each person’s creative potential.

The Elements of Aquascaping: Rocks, Driftwood & Substrates

Aquascaping is the practice of using and mixing together a couple of natural elements in order to create an engaging scene. These elements are known as hardscape materials and they include driftwood, rocks and substrates.

What is Aquascaping?

Learning aquascaping is not difficult. Like any other passion, it takes time, dedication and extensive research. We’ll try to depict the basic knowledge related to aquascaping, from establishing the simple principles and rules of visual construction and setup, to introducing the essentials of building an aquascape aquarium.