About Aquascaping Love

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Goals and content

Our main goal is to inform and inspire you with relevant aquascaping related content that will help and guide you in this beautiful hobby. We’ll strive to make this the go-to destination for anyone passionate about aquascaping, fishkeeping in general, planted aquariums, tropical aquarium plants, tropical fish and invertebrates.

Here’s a couple of things that you’ll find on our website:

  • Articles that will inform you on how to setup your planted aquarium and maintenance techniques
  • Various galleries of planted aquariums from around the world
  • Reviews and showcases of aquascaping related products: equipment (filters, CO2, light fixtures etc.), aquariums and aquarium stands, books, maintenance tools and other materials
  • A database of aquarium plants, tropical fish and invertebrates (freshwater shrimp)
  • Interviews with famous aquascapers from around the world

We hope you enjoy your stay and come back soon as we’ll be updating the website with new articles every time we think there’s something interesting to show you.
If you have suggestions or ideas on how to make this website better for you, feel free to contact us.