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How Much Does it Really Cost To Create an Aquascape Aquarium?

You’ve finally decided: you want to build an awesome aquascape, like the ones you see in the most popular aquascaping contests. You’re an expert at fishkeeping or maybe you’ve just purchased your first aquarium ready to be filled with water and stocked with tropical fish and plants. But you’ve always wondered: how much does it really cost to build an...

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The Importance of CO2 in the Planted Aquarium

Carbon dioxide (CO²) is one of the most important nutrients plants need in order to grow. Carbon is the one fundamental element that stands at the base of all life on Earth, underwater world included. Find out how the presence of CO2 in the planted aquarium influences the aquascaping process, what types of CO² systems you should go for your own aquascape, as well as useful tips and tricks on how to get the best potential out of your plants using CO².