Aquarium Driftwood Used in Aquascaping: Hardscape Essentials Part 3

This article is the third and final of our series where we have been taking a look at the elements of hardscaping in greater detail. In part 3 we will look at how driftwood is used in aquascaping. We will look at common types of driftwood used, ways of using driftwood in the Nature Aquarium, the relationship between driftwood and aquascaping rocks, how to prepare aquarium driftwood for your aquascape, and finally some tips to prevent driftwood from floating!

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Aquascaping Rocks: Planted Aquarium Hardscape Essentials Part 2

This article is the second in our new series where we will look at the elements of hardscaping in an aquascape in greater detail. In part 2 we will look at types of aquascaping rocks commonly used nowadays, techniques using rocks to create aquascapes, and finally a look at the Iwagumi layout.

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Planted Aquarium Hardscape Essentials: Part 1 – Sand & Gravel

This article is the first in our new series where we will look at the elements of hardscaping in a planted tank in greater detail. In part 1 we will look at types of aquarium sand and gravel commonly used today, techniques and tools used, and finally how the visual relationship works between sand and gravel, driftwood and rocks.

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Nature Aquarium Creator: Takashi Amano

Born on 18th July 1954 in Niigata, Japan, Takashi Amano, the creator of the Nature Aquarium, is best known for his photography and aquascaping. Amano first found fame as a professional cyclist. He began competing in 1974 and retired from the sport in 1990. Amano competed in 1078 races and earned the staggering figure (in cycling) of in excess of £1,000,000…

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Aquascaping Tips: How To Create Your First Aquascape

Aquascaping is an art form like no other. It is the considered placement of rocks, stones, and driftwood inside an aquarium to create an aesthetically pleasing display. Inspiration can come from anywhere, from other aquascapes to luscious forests, waterfalls and beaches. When you start your very first aquascape, you are creating a unique work of art under water.

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