15 Aquascaping Profiles to Follow on Instagram

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The art of aquascaping is getting more and more recognition these days. New aquascaping brands and companies are emerging and advanced aquarists are slowly transitioning to the aquascaper status. There’s a lot to learn but more to take inspiration from.

Among social media networks, Instagram is the best place where you can get your fix of aquascaping inspiration. From aquatic plant arrangements, hardscapes involving aquarium driftwood and rocks, to aquascaping advice for beginners and full aquascaping setups, here are 15 Instagram aquascaping profiles for you to follow:

1. Jurijs Jutjajevs @juri_js

Jurijs is a professional aquarist from Germany with over 20 years in the aquarium hobby. He is now a full-time self-employed aquascaper, social media manager for Tropica, podcaster and youtuber.

We recently did an interview with him, check it out here to learn more about Jurijs.

What’s there to see?

Tips & tricks, how-tos, aquascaping shop tours and general maintenance of the planted aquarium.

2. Fruity One @fruity0ne

A German member of the ACF – Aquascaping Division, an international team of Digital Aquascapers, whose aim is to spread the philosophy of Aquascaping via web-based and social media platforms. (taken from their website).

What’s there to see?

Hardscapes and cool aquarium driftwood arrangements, aquascaping styles.

3. Oliver Knott @olivermartinknott

Needing no introduction, Oliver is a veteran German aquascaper with decades of experience, who now hosts aquascaping workshops and events all over the world.

What’s there to see?

Aquascaping event announcements, photos from aquascaping workshops, general aquarium maintenance, planted aquarium setups.

4. George Farmer @georgefarmerstudios

George is a professional aquascaper from the UK and a regular youtuber. A former military man, he gave it up to follow his passion and he’s now influencing and educating people from around the world with his vast experience in the aquascaping field.

He was kind enough to do an interview with us in 2014. A lot has changed since then but it’s worth giving it a read.

What’s there to see?

Aquascaping setups, hardscapes, meetups with fellow aquascapers.

5. Aquascaping Division @acfaquascaping

ACF – Aquascaping Division is an international team of Digital Aquascapers, whose aim is to spread the philosophy of Aquascaping via web-based and social media platforms.

The main goal of ACF – Aquascaping Division is to share and connect. Our collective is currently made of 10 artists from all over Europe, who have come together to form a unified and international team.

Digital Aquascapers are artists in the field of aquascaping who benefit from a wide social media audience and marketing reach. Our project is currently mostly focused on Instagram.

What’s there to see?

Gorgeous aquascapes made by the team members.

6. Filipe Oliveira @faaoaquascaping

Portuguese aquascaper Filipe Oliveira has enough years under his belt to make him a prominent figure in the aquascaping world.

He won 1st and 2nd prizes in the 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2010 AGA Aquascaping Contest and he’s best known for creating the Tree Aquascape Style, giving him the nickname Tree Man.

Filipe Oliveira hosts aquascaping events and workshops around the world.

What’s there to see?

Aquarium driftwood setups, nature aquarium styles, photos from his workshops, event announcements.

7. AquascapeNL @aquascapenl

Aquascaping profile created by the Dutch Wouter Verhage.

What’s there to see?

Nature aquarium setups, Iwagumi aquascapes.

8. Aqua Design Amano @aqua_design_amano

The official instagram account for the well-known aquascaping brand ADA, founded by the late Nature Aquarium creator Takashi Amano, in 1992.

What’s there to see?

Photos from the ADA Nature Aquarium Gallery, ADA product announcements and promotions, planted aquariums from the IAPLC aquascaping contest and other cool stuff.

9. Danny Adams @_danny.adams

Aquarium enthusiast and aquascaper from the US and CO2Art artist.

What’s there to see?

Nature Aquariums, hardscape involving aquarium driftwood.

10. Adam Paszczela @adam_paszczela

Adam runs the main distribution line of ADA products in Poland, alongside other passionate aquarists from his team.  

What’s there to see?

Photos from his own Nature Aquarium gallery, hardscapes involving rock arrangements.

11. Green Aqua @greenaquashop

A team of highly skilled aquascapers from Hungary, including Viktor Lantos and Balázs Farkas. They own an aquascaping shop which includes a beautiful planted aquarium gallery, located in Budapest.

What’s there to see?

Tip & tricks, photos from their nature aquarium gallery, aquascaping-related announcements.

12. Aquarium Design Group @aquariumdesigngroup

Founded by brothers Mike and Jeff Senske in 2000, Aquarium Design Group combines the passion for the planted aquarium with the love for art, design and architecture. Quality quascaping from Houston, Texas.

What’s there to see?

Outstanding aquascapes involving a great use of aquarium driftwood, hardscape-only setups, reef aquariums.

13. Tropica Aquarium Plants @tropicaaquariumplants

The biggest producer and distributor of aquatic plants, Tropica was founded in Denmark, in the 70s. Currently serving retailers from Europe, Asia and North America.

Tropica also develops products for the planted aquarium like aquasoils and plant fertilizer.

What’s there to see?

Photos of aquatic plants, community features, full aquascapes.

14. Aquarium Gardens @aquariumgardens

Aquascaping and Aquarium Plant Specialists, the guys behind Aquarium Gardens own an aquascaping shop located near Huntingdon, UK.

What’s there to see?

Stunning photos from their aquascaping shop.

15. Aquaflora Aquarium B.V. @aquaflora.nl

Specialized in the growing and trading of aquatic plants since 1965, this Dutch company describes itself as one of the biggest pioneers in the field of aquatic plants.

What’s there to see?

Aquascaping workshop announcements, aquatic plants, nature aquarium gallery.

Other Instagram Aquascaping Profiles Worth Mentioning

Rocks & Roots French Aquascaping Spirit @rocksroots_fas

A new Aquascaping team from France comprised of 20 members!


AquascapingLove @aquascapinglove

While we’re at it, we think it’s worth mentioning that we’re also on Instagram, striving to inspire you on a daily basis with the best aquascapes that are being created around the globe. Check it out below:

Did we miss something or do you know of any other interesting aquascaping profiles on instagram? Let us know in the comments section below.
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