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Aquascaping Contest – AGA 2018 Winners

Everybody loves some new cool aquascaping pictures, and this year, during the AGA Aquascaping Contest, almost 600 competitors submitted their entries. Here’s all the 9 categories of this year: Aquatic Garden, Smaller than 28LAquatic Garden, 28L ~ 60LAquatic Garden, 60L ~ 120LAquatic Garden, 120L ~ 200LAquatic Garden, 200L ~ 320LAquatic Garden, 320L or LargerBiotope AquascapePaludariumDutch Aquascape Aquatic Garden, Smaller than...


Romanian Aquascaping Competition – 1st edition Results

This month the first edition of the Romanian Aquascaping Competition came to a finish. The first one of this kind in Romania, the contest attracted a handful of aquarists from the country, who entered their aquarium in one of the 3 categories hoping that it would be a winner. We’ll present the winners from the first and most important category: Planted tanks, with its 3 sub-categories: less than 100 liters, between 100 and 300 liters and more than 300 liters aquariums.