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The following terms and conditions govern the use of this website. Your continued use of this website confirms you have read and accepted these terms and conditions in full. AquascapingLove.com reserve their right to change these terms and conditions; all changes will be available to users at all time under ‘terms and conditions’. If you do not agree to any part of these terms and conditions, do not use this website.

Accuracy of Information

Whilst AquascapingLove.com takes all reasonable steps to ensure that the information on this website is accurate and up to date at all times, the owner and contributors do not provide any representations or warranties, expressed or implied, including without limitation any warranties concerning the accuracy, completeness, reliability or availability of content, products, services or results. The information on AquascapingLove.com is provided ‘as is’ and does not constitute, or is meant to constitute advice of any kind, therefore neither the owner nor the contributors can be held responsible for any loss or damage sustained by individuals acting on the material and opinions contained on this website. AquascapingLove.com is open to undergo content alterations should the information on the website be proven inaccurate.


Unless otherwise stated, the owner of AquascapingLove.com owns the intellectual property rights in the website and content on the website. This website may be used for private purposes exclusively; under no circumstances may the content of this website be used for commercial reasons. Information and material contained on AquascapingLove.com may not be modified, reproduced, duplicated, copied or otherwise exploited without the owner’s prior written consent. If you see any images on this website that are in some form of copyright infringement, please notify us, and we shall remove them immediately.


The primary objective of AquascapingLove.com is to offer its readers access to a high volume of information regarding certain topics of interest. This website allows user interaction and encourages comments with the purpose of ensuring a high level of variety and accuracy of information. Whilst AquascapingLove.com is open to free discussions upon material already contained on the website and is accepting opinions from other individuals, AquascapingLove.com is not responsible for comments posted by its users. Comment moderation is active on this website. No form of spam is allowed to be posted on any content page of AquascapingLove.com. The owner of this website has the right to refuse the publication of any comments deemed to be offensive and to remove all comments containing irrelevant links. You may request the administration of this website to remove an offensive comment by contacting us.
By posting a comment on this website, you agree that AquascapingLove.com owns the copyright to this comment and has the right to publish this comment in the comment section of a certain page. You may request the removal of any comment added by you by contacting us.

External Links

AquascapingLove.com may contain links to other websites. The sites linked to this website are not under the control of AquascapingLove.com, therefore AquascapingLove.com is not responsible for and makes no representations, warranties or conditions concerning the contents of any linked site or any link contained in a linked site. Many links contained on this website are added by its users and they are provided only as a convenience. The inclusion of any external link in the content of this website does not imply endorsement, investigation or verification by AquascapingLove.com.
AquascapingLove.com requires that you request the permission of its owner to link to this website. If you would like to link to this website, please contact us.

Photo Uploads

AquascapingLove.com provides an upload form which allows users to contribute to the community of this website by uploading photos of their own fish, plants, aquariums and aquarium equipments. To this effect, by uploading a photo on AquascapingLove.com, you agree to the following:

  • You must own the copyright of the images you upload on AquascapingLove.com
  • You must acknowledge that you have the written consent of people appearing in the photograph to be able to grant us permission to use it on AquascapingLove.com
  • AquascapingLove.com has the discretion to display your photo in the gallery section or on any other page on this website and your photo will be available for viewing by any other user of this website
  • AquascapingLove.com reserve the right to refuse the publication of any photo which is uploaded and deemed inappropriate, without explanations
  • Under no circumstances is AquascapingLove.com responsible for images uploaded by its users
  • At the request of the users of this website, the site owner has the discretion to remove any image, should this image make the subject of copyright infringement by another person.