Cryptocoryne parva


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Cryptocoryne parva fromac Sri Lanka is the smallest of all Cryptocorynes (only 3-6 cm tall and a roset less than 5-8 cm wide). It is one of the few species that does not significantly change its leaf shape and colour depending on cultivation conditions. It needs more light than most other Cryptocorynes because it almost loses its leaf blade under water. So it must never be overshadowed by other plants. Individual plants should be planted a few centimetres apart, and after about six months they will form a cohesive low group of plants. Recommended for foreground planting.

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Basic Info

Type: Rosulate
Common Name:
Origin: Asia
Difficulty: Medium
Growth Rate: Slow
Maximum Height: 5 - 10+
Aquarium Area: Foreground
Temperature: 25-27
Light: Medium
CO2 Demand: Low

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