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How Much Does it Really Cost To Create an Aquascape Aquarium?

You’ve finally decided: you want to build an awesome aquascape, like the ones you see in the most popular aquascaping contests. You’re an expert at fishkeeping or maybe you’ve just purchased your first aquarium ready to be filled with water and stocked with tropical fish and plants. But you’ve always wondered: how much does it really cost to build an...

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Aquascaping Interview with Jurijs Jutjajevs

Following our series of aquascaping interviews, we recently had a chat with Jurijs Jutjajevs, the face of German Aquascaping, and talked about his current activities as a professional aquascaper, his future plans and a lot more. 1. Hi Jurijs and thank you for accepting our invitation to undergo this interview. For starters, can you tell us a bit about yourself?...

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Aquascaping Contest – AGA 2018 Winners

Everybody loves some new cool aquascaping pictures, and this year, during the AGA Aquascaping Contest, almost 600 competitors submitted their entries. Here’s all the 9 categories of this year: Aquatic Garden, Smaller than 28L Aquatic Garden, 28L ~ 60L Aquatic Garden, 60L ~ 120L Aquatic Garden, 120L ~ 200L Aquatic Garden, 200L ~ 320L Aquatic Garden, 320L or Larger Biotope...

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Planted Aquarium Hardscape Essentials Part 3: Driftwood Used in Aquascaping

This article is the third and final of our series where we have been taking a look at the elements of hardscaping in an aquascape in greater detail. In part 3 we will look at how wood is used in aquascaping. We will look at common types of wood used, ways of using wood in the nature aquarium, the relationship between wood and rocks in an aquascape, how to prepare driftwood for your aquascape, and finally some tips to prevent wood from floating!


A Guide to Keeping and Growing Aquatic Moss

There are so many ways to use aquatic moss in your aquarium and mosses should definitely be an area that you have really planned for in your aquascape design. Mosses spread, so if you are looking for a floor or featuring covering plant, then considering the use of an aquatic moss is a great start.


How To Deal With Aquarium Algae

Having aquarium algae is, unfortunately, just a fact of life. Aquariums do need some algae, but too much and it can be a potential hazard to fish and other plant life. As with many areas of life, finding the balance that works for your particular aquarium is the key to success.