Green-Water Aquarium Algae

green water aquarium algae


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The Green Water Aquarium Algae is commonly referred to as algae bloom as that is exactly what it looks like. This aggravating aquarium algae is a microscopic algae that is suspended in the aquarium water.

It cannot be wiped or scraped off and water changes are generally not effective either.

To overcome green water aquarium algae, you will need to use a diatomic filter or completely block all light from your aquarium for several days. If you take the light block route, please consider the fish and other plant life in your aquarium.

How to deal with green-water aquarium algae

Basic Info

Scientific name: Euglena
Causes: Direct sunlight, overfeeding, aquarium overpopulation.
Prevention: Use an UV Filter. Do regular water changes and aquarium cleaning. Avoid direct sunlight and do not overfeed or overpopulate the aquarium with fish.
How to remove: Turn off the light completely in order to shut down the photosynthesis that allows the algae to grow. Install a diatomic filter which will remove the suspended algae in the water.

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