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A Guide to Keeping and Growing Aquatic Moss

Reading Time: 4 minThere are so many ways to use aquatic moss in your aquarium and mosses should definitely be an area that you have really planned for in your aquascape design. Mosses spread, so if you are looking for a floor or featuring covering plant, then considering the use of an aquatic moss is a great start.

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How To Deal With Aquarium Algae

Reading Time: 5 minHaving aquarium algae is, unfortunately, just a fact of life. Aquariums do need some algae, but too much and it can be a potential hazard to fish and other plant life. As with many areas of life, finding the balance that works for your particular aquarium is the key to success.

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Takashi Amano – Creator of the Nature Aquarium

Reading Time: 5 minBorn on 18th July 1954 in Niigata, Japan, Takashi Amano is best known for his photography and aquascaping. Amano first found fame as a professional cyclist. He began competing in 1974 and retired from the sport in 1990. Amano competed in 1078 races and earned the staggering figure (in cycling) of in excess of £1,000,000.

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How To Create Your First Aquascape

Reading Time: 6 minAquascaping is an art form like no other. It is the considered placement of rocks, stones, and driftwood inside an aquarium to create an aesthetically pleasing display. Inspiration can come from anywhere, from other aquascapes to luscious forests, waterfalls and beaches. When you start your very first aquascape, you are creating a unique work of art under water.